Introducing the Perfect Track

Our software is pre-installed on a mini computer.

Connect to any professional pan-tilt-zoom camera to enable auto tracking capture.

Lecture Capture

Corporate Meetings

Public Speaking

House of Worship


Our award winning software uses advanced image processing to recognize individuals in your camera's video stream. Once a user is recognized, Perfect Track intelligently controls your camera to smoothly follow that user.

No tracking beacons, operators, or excessive equipment

Perfect Track in Action

Do more with less

Universal PTZ compatibility

Perfect Track talks with VISCA – a professional camera protocol that controls any standard pan-tilt-zoom camera. Using this protocol ensures plug and play compatibility with your camera.

Intuitive user experience

Our form factor and interface allow for easy installation, one-time set-up, and smooth operation. Simply plug in your camera and track! No tracking beacons, motion sensors or any extra equipment required.

Intelligent and automatic

Set up Perfect Track to automatically start tracking and record or stream subjects according to a time schedule or dynamically. Flexible enough for many use cases!

Try it now!

Approved manufacturers

Awards & Press

Now compatible with Lumens PTZ cameras

GAINESVILLE, FL – May, 23rd 2017- The Perfect Track™ software, developed by Dycap Media Solutions, is now compatible with the Lumens PTZ camera line! The VC-A20B, VC-B20U, and VC-A70H are all available from the camera selection screen in the Perfect Track preference menu. The Lumens line of PTZ cameras have been great cameras, and now they’re […]

The Winner of the 2017 GAIN FastPitch is Dycap

GAINESVILLE, FLA – 4/20/17 – Dycap Media Solutions won 1st place at the Gainesville Area Innovation Network’s annual event the FastPitch. In the FastPitch competition, nine companies are selected to give their two minute business pitch and then receive three minutes of questions nine different times. Companies rotate through nine different judges tables, each table having three different judges. […]

Epiphan is now working with Dycap’s Perfect Track

PALO ALTO, CA – March, 1st 2017- The Perfect Track™ software, developed by Dycap Media Solutions, is now compatible with the Epiphan Video LUMiO 12x PTZ camera. We all know that the LUMiO 12x is a great camera, and now it’s even more flexible because with the ability to become an auto tracking PTZ camera, […]

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