Now compatible with Lumens PTZ cameras

GAINESVILLE, FL – MAY 23rd 2017-

The Perfect Track™ software, developed by Dycap Media Solutions, is now compatible with the Lumens PTZ camera line! The VC-A20B, VC-B20U, and VC-A70H are all available from the camera selection screen in the Perfect Track preference menu. The Lumens line of PTZ cameras have been great cameras, and now they’re even more flexible with the ability to become auto tracking PTZ camera, simply and inexpensively.

The Perfect Track’s™ form factor is the Intel NUC. The mini computer’s sole purpose is to run the intensive image processing of the Perfect Track™. The Perfect Track™ uses a feedback loop of image processing to automate cameras, removing the need for tracking beacons and camera operators. The Perfect Track™ requires a video feed from the camera and sends commands back to the camera in real time for tracking.

Perfect Track interface

At Dycap, we simplify the world of complex camera control with a highly intuitive user interface for auto tracking. Use the preference tab to select your camera model, length of time before the Perfect Track™ will reset the camera to the home position, and even enable/disable auto tracking tilt or zoom controls.

Software updates are available directly from the user interface, and an IP address can be set up for remote control of the Perfect Track™ system on any device or web browser. The Perfect Track™ software will tell the camera to film the largest detected face in the frame, allowing for simple handoffs between subjects without having to wear tracking beacons or make changes directly to the software.

Auto-tracking camera use cases?

The Lumens 5x and two 12x cameras using the Perfect Track™ can be used in a variety of professional audiovisual and broadcast scenarios. Dycap’s technology is used widely by customers in higher education, houses of worship, live events, and the corporate event space.

Professional audiovisual and broadcast scenarios

If any questions about the Perfect Track and Lumens integration arises please contact us at: