Recapping Dycap’s InfoComm 2017


Then most attended InfoComm was last week- Infocomm 2017 and it was a big year for Dycap. Over the course of three days in Orlando thousands of attendees talked to thousands of vendors and manufacturers about their audio-visual needs.

Dycap was no different!

Dycap was able to partner with Sony and VDO360 for Infocomm, allowing the company to be at two places at once and really spread awareness of our award-winning auto tracking software, the Perfect Track 3!  Both partnerships were extremely successful with large amounts of traffic. Dycap was able to successfully launch and release to the market the Perfect Track 3 download version.  This version of the Perfect Track allows any pan-tilt-zoom camera to become an auto tracking pan-tilt-zoom camera by downloading software onto your own computer, no additional hardware needed outside of your own PC. Dycap is proud to say the minimum requirements are so low you can run the Perfect Track 3 download version from a laptop or even a tablet.

The biggest advantage of Dycap’s Perfect Track software is that it is universally compatible with any PTZ camera, it is plug-and-play which is simple to setup, and end users have a seamless and intuitive experience using our PTZ auto tracking technology. Suddenly, all a speaker has to focus on is their presentation and Dycap’s Perfect Track software does the filming and tracking autonomously.  

The new version of the Perfect Track that can be downloaded from Dycap’s website has all of the same features as the Perfect Track pre-installed onto the Intel NUC, the third party appliance we use to run our software. It is really a matter of customer preference and desired form factor. Some customers like an appliance that’s only job is to run its software, whereas other customers prefer the immediacy and speed of downloading software to work on existing hardware they might already have.

Dycap looks forward to working with all major camera manufacturers in the market, unique value added partners for technological integration, and of course the end users and consumers of the pro AV Market. We really do enjoy engaging with our partners and clients. If any questions arise feel free to contact us directly at or just give me a ring on my personal business line 352-356-8416.

For all attendees of Infocomm 2017, I sincerely hope that you had an eye-opening experience and became aware of technologies that could assist you in your organization. See everybody next year in Las Vegas for Infocomm 2018!