Perfect Track 3 - Windows (64-bit)
Current Version: 3.1.17
Release Date: 7/21/17

Trial Period: 30 Days from Install

**Discounts available for purchases made within 10 days of trial**

The Dycap team is pleased to announce the Official Release of the Perfect Track Windows OS edition. For first-time users, a 30-day evaluation period will be provided. 

Following installation, please email or call Dycap with the License ID and Product ID of the install. Upon receiving this information, we will provide the one-time license key necessary to activate the product. 

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Additional Installation Steps:

Required for Initial Setup:

1) RS232/RS422 to USB Converter to connect between the  computer and the camera.
2) Camera Video out to USB converter. (We recommend Magewell Frame Grabbers)

Required for Updates/Server Support: Make sure that the local system date, time, and time zone are properly synced with an active online server timestamp for the client machine. (Not required for Trial version)

Requirements: Internet connectivity

1) Right-click on the Time/Date Toolbar section on the bottom-right of the Windows taskbar.
2) Select the 'Adjust date/time' option.
3) Change the time zone to match the correct geographical location of the system.
4) Close the 'Adjust date/time' (Settings) window.
5) Download, extract and open the folder.
6) Launch the timesync.exe file.
7) Select a time-server option from the drop-down menu. (default:
8) Click the 'Get Time' button. If the selected time server is not responding, try a different time-server and repeat step 8.
9) A successful clock synchronization will result in a response text on TimeSync saying 'Clock adjusted.'
10) Exit the TimeSync application once the system clock has been properly adjusted.
11) Restart the Windows OS.
12) Download and install the latest Perfect Track 3 software.

**Note: Modifying the system date, time, or time-zone on trial installations may potentially convert any valid trial license to a full license due to mismatched install times. Please contact customer support if this issue occurs.

System Requirements

	Windows 7    /  Server 2008 R2 (x64)
	Windows 8.1  /  Server 2012 R2 (x64)
	Windows 10   /  Server 2016    (x64)

	Processor: 		Intel Celeron N3060 Processor (1.6GHz)
	Memory (RAM): 		2 GB
	Free Disk Space:	500 MB

	Processor: 		4th Gen. Intel i5 Quad-Core Processor (3.0GHz+)
	Memory (RAM): 		8 GB
	Free Disk Space:	1000 MB

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